Modifications to SASE: Removal of the regulatory rules for the Qualifications Credit Framework (QCF) and the introduction of the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF)

You may be aware that as part of their regulatory reform Ofqual will, at the end of September 2015, remove the regulatory rules of the QCF and from 1 October the Regulated Qualifications Framework will replace the QCF and the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). This means that all qualifications will be part of a single regulatory framework – the RQF.


The Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England (SASE) sets out the requirements of an English apprenticeship framework and currently mandates the use of QCF qualifications. The change to the RQF means that we have to modify SASE to meet the new requirements.


QCF qualifications that are already within frameworks and approved for funding will continue to be accepted and funded. Changes will only apply where new qualifications are added to frameworks as either a replacement qualification or an additional qualification from a different awarding organisation. In these cases there will still be a requirement for the qualification to be unitised and have a credit value assigned, but will be from the RQF. Further details of these requirements will be provided in due course.


In order to make these modifications to SASE and ensure the legislative process is adhered to, we will, with effect of midnight on 30 September 2015 suspend any changes to apprenticeship frameworks. The suspension only applies to frameworks which contain QCF qualifications.


This temporary suspension will not impact on provider’s ability to continue to deliver the current apprenticeship programme using the existing SASE compliant frameworks.


The process for updating existing frameworks to include RQF qualifications will re-open on 1st November 2015.


Please contact Sharon Thompson on with queries.