Frameworks in detail

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This section explains the whole framework development process for England and Wales and signposts you to websites for Northern Ireland and Scotland, which use different processes to develop and issue frameworks.

Not developed an Apprenticeship framework before?

If you have read the Introduction to frameworks section and you have not developed an Apprenticeship framework before, then this part of the web site is a good place to start.

Once you have read through this section and want to find out more, or get involved, then contact a framework expert.

If you are an employer, you are advised to begin with Information for employers.

Look at the glossary for a definition of “ framework expert”.

Experienced Apprenticeship framework developer?

If you are experienced at developing Apprenticeship frameworks, you might still find this section helpful, to make sure that your knowledge remains up to date.

Find out about the recent changes or go to propose a framework.

Contact a framework expert
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Do you have an idea for a framework or want help to develop frameworks?

Contact an expert

Got more questions?

If yes, read our frequently asked questions section for helpful information.

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