Framework development process

This step by step guide to the framework development process is for

  • employers and other organisations who have an idea for a framework
  • those who are new to framework development.

It summarises the six stages in the framework development process and links to other parts of the website where more detail about the process is provided.

The Framework development process: 6 Step Flowchart

1: Explore

Search the framework library to see if a framework already exists for the occupation.


Search the Framework Library.

2: Contact

Make contact with a framework expert to talk about what you need from an apprenticeship.


Click here to contact framework expert.

3: Propose

You can propose an idea to a framework expert and work with them to develop a framework.


Click here for information required for a framework.

4: Develop

The timescales will depend on whether the qualifications are approved and the time it takes research the demand for a framework.


Click here to check the National Database of Accredited Qualifications for approved qualifications

Download the SASE and guidance for England and the SASW and guidance for Wales.

5: Share

This facility allows developers to email the draft framework to colleagues/ employers/ other organisations to get their feedback.

6: Issue

Once the framework meets the SASE and SASW, the Issuing Authority will publish it in the framework library and put it forward for public funding.


Click here for a definition of public funding.

Explore the Frameworks library

Explore the library to view the wide range of Apprenticeship frameworks that are already available in England and Wales.

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