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If you are visiting this section for the first time, then you are probably interested in how Apprenticeship frameworks are developed and who can do this.

You might have heard that employers can develop Apprenticeship frameworks and are keen to find out what this involves and how long it takes.

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With the introduction of the new legislation for Apprenticeships in England and in Wales, a wider range of organisations can now be involved with the development and issuing of frameworks:

  • Apprenticeship frameworks can be developed by employers, Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) , Standard Setting Bodies (SSBs) , awarding organisations and training providers.
  • Apprenticeship frameworks are issued by Issuing Authorities who are appointed by the Secretary of State in England and by Welsh Ministers.

Employers do not have to do this on their own. Framework experts, including Issuing Authorities are here to help you. Their main job is to help employers meet their skills needs.

SSCs and SSBs will have information about the demand for training and qualifications. They use this research to identify:

  • what the demand for a new framework might be
  • whether an existing framework can be adapted to meet employer needs.

If you have an idea for a framework click here to go to the framework library to see if one already exists. If you can’t find one which meets your needs click here to contact the Issuing Authority for your sector.

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