Security Systems (England)

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Framework ID: FR00779
Issue number: 4
Issued: 02 September 2011

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Security Systems (England)
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The Security Systems sector designs, installs, commissions and maintains electronic security systems such as Intruder Alarms, CCTV, Access Control and Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, designed to assist in the protection of people, premises and property. The sector provides an important component in the fight against crime, antisocial behaviour and terrorism, reflecting and responding to technological advancements.

The occupational area covered by the Security Systems framework is defined as those training to become security systems installation and maintenance engineers.

The structure of the Security Systems sector, whilst it does have some large national companies, is mainly made up of small to medium size companies operating regionally or locally and employing between 5 – 100 employees.

A key growth area is the use of CCTV for public surveillance. There are over 400 town and city centre systems covering over 1,000 UK cities with an estimated 1.5 million cameras in towns, cities, universities, shopping malls, hospitals, ports, airports, train and bus stations etc. All of these systems have to be installed and maintained by Security Systems engineers.

Major national and international events e.g. the 2012 Olympics/Paralympics and the 2014 Commonwealth Games will place a huge demand on the sector to ensure that venues are adequately protected and there will be a requirement for technicians to design, install and maintain security systems including CCTV, access control to sites and premises and search equipment e.g. in airports and entrance to large events and venues.

In addition, large commercial organisations, hospital trusts, educational establishments, including an increasing number of schools, are installing surveillance equipment to address and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

Due to the current security climate and the heightened threat from terrorism, coupled with the impact of major international events such as the 2012 Olympics/Paralympics, it is likely that the increasing demand for skilled Security Systems engineers will continue, even during the current economic downturn.

The apprenticeship programme is an ideal way to lead into, or enhance a career as a Security Systems engineer. It is designed by employers, to deliver the technical skills and knowledge needed for the role, and also to develop the general skills and knowledge that are increasingly important in the world of work.

The primary potential roles for apprentice Security Systems engineers would be as a trainee;

• Security Systems installation engineer
• Security Systems maintenance engineer
• Security Systems installation and maintenance engineer

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Security Systems (England)
(PDF document 2.69 MB)