Craft Cuisine - non-statutory (Wales)

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Issued: 05 July 2012

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Craft Cuisine - non-statutory (Wales)
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The Hospitality and Catering Industry covers hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars and nightclubs, contract catering, hospitality services, youth/backpacker hostels, holiday centres and self catering accommodation. It operates across well known chains and in small businesses, including owner/operators, which make up just under three quarters of employers.The industry is a big employer, with the restaurant industry alone employing two thirds of a million people.

The Industry is facing a number of key challenges to make sure that staff have the right skills and, once trained, that they stay and develop their skills to fulfil their career ambitions, contributing to increased productivity and business profitability.

Chef skills are in short supply, with increasing consumer demand for meals which are cooked from scratch using fresh ingredients in mainstream restaurants and pubs.

Apprenticeships are seen as critical by employers, trade associations and professional bodies as they provide a ready-made high quality programme which they have helped to design and which gives them the skills they need.

This new Apprenticeship builds on the success and enhances the existing Hospitality and Catering Apprenticeship Framework and sits alongside this. This framework enables the use of the industry recognised Applied Ability Award Scheme to be formalised through a qualification and included within an apprenticeship framework.

We have consulted with employers and partners who indicated that ICT would be relevant to
the non food pathway in the Hospitality Services level 2 route and at level 3 for the Hospitality
Supervision and Leadership route only. However, they would be looking for something that
would be compatible with their in house systems, otherwise it would not be seen as relevant.
ICT is not directly relevant to effective performance to the food pathways due to the nature of
the jobs and the fact that they may not use computer systems in their role.
It was therefore felt that the ICT transferable skill should not be included in the apprenticeship

The framework will also contribute to meeting the skills priorities for Wales by:

  • providing a career pathway into jobs and training and craft level
  • Providing an industry recognised qualification which gives greater breadth of skills and knowledge to any existing framework.

This framework offers both progression out of the Intermediate Apprenticeship in Hospitality and Catering and progresion into the Advanced Apprenticeship in Hospitality and Catering. Particularly within the Professional Cookery pathways within these frameworks. It is also possible to utilise this framework to upskill cnadidates that have already completed the Hospitality and Catering framework at the same level. This framework is designed to provide a greater breadth of knowledge and skills for those chefs who deal with a wider variety of dishes and ingredients.

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Craft Cuisine - non-statutory (Wales)
(PDF document 2.61 MB)