Advertising & Marketing Communications (Wales)

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Framework ID: FR04102
Issue number: 2
Issued: 04 July 2017

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Advertising & Marketing Communications (Wales)
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Creative Skillset

Contact name: Naomi Bonner
Telephone number: 020 7713 9800
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Over the last decade, the Creative Media Industries have grown at twice the rate of the economy as a whole and these industries are playing an incredibly important role in the economic, social and cultural life of Wales. The Welsh Government has identified Creative and Digital Media as one of it's nine priority sectors as part of the Economic Renewal Programme.

Approximately 22,600 people work in the creative media footprint in Wales, approximately 7% of the UK total. The largest sectors are TV (5,980) Interactive Media (4,350) and Advertising (3,690). There are an estimated 1,300 creative media companies in Wales and small to medium sized business dominate. 28% of the workforce is freelance, higher than the UK average of 25%. Along with the 3,690 identified as working specifically in the Advertising and Marketing Communications industry in Wales, there are another 8,000 working in Advertising and Marketing Communications related roles for employers outside of the core creative industries.  

Following the success of the Creative and Digital Media Apprenticeship in Wales, and the introduction of the Interactive Media Higher Apprenticeship, Advertising & Marketing Communications employers identified the need for a framework to be developed specifically for entry level roles in the Advertising and Marketing Communications industry. This also responds to the industry's current and future skills needs; including the move to integrated digital functions within agencies. It provides an alternative route to degree level provision and entry into what has historically been a graduate industry. One of the aims of this Apprenticeship is to increase the diversity of the workforce to greater reflect the audience the industry serves.

Roles and skills gaps that were identified included:

  • Multi-platform all–rounders (including IT support staff working between platforms);
  • Management and leadership;
  • Commercial/Business skills;
  • Sales skills;
  • Digital Strategy/Planning;
  • Creative Technology;
  • Creatives that understand digital.

Throughout the Apprenticeship development process, Creative Skillset worked with employers and providers across Wales. The qualification component of the framework was developed with Awarding Organisations and industry experts, to ensure it meets the needs of the changing world of Advertising & Marketing Communications. 

Creative Skillset supports the Welsh Government's vision for Apprenticeships not to be separated from academic routes. In "Skills that work for Wales" the Creative Media Industries are considered of strategic importance.

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Advertising & Marketing Communications (Wales)
(PDF document 2.11 MB)