Introduction to frameworks

Graphic showing the requirements which an apprentice must satisfy to obtain an Apprenticeship certificate

New to Apprenticeship frameworks?

This section will help you understand what Apprenticeship frameworks are:

  • how they can be used to help employers meet their skills needs
  • how to create a framework
  • who can develop frameworks
  • recent changes to Apprenticeship frameworks in England and Wales that put them on a statutory footing.

This section will also signpost you to:

  • other parts of the website which you might find interesting
  • Apprenticeship framework processes used in Northern Ireland and Scotland
  • other websites related to Apprenticeships.
Apprenticeships in England

If you are a parent, a young person thinking about doing an Apprenticeship, a careers adviser or teacher find out more about apprenticeships in England from the National Apprenticeship Service.

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