What’s involved

Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) and a small number of other organisations have been responsible for creating and publishing frameworks for a number of years.

With the introduction of the new legislation for Apprenticeships in England and in Wales, other organisations, including employers, are now able to propose and develop a framework with the support of the Issuing Authority (SSC/UKCES commissioned body) for that sector.

Issuing Authorities:

  • are designated under the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning (ASCL) Act 2009 to issue Apprenticeship frameworks for a particular sector and a sector will have only one Issuing Authority
  • will work with framework developers to make sure the draft framework complies with SASE/SASW and is of high quality.

In order to develop a framework, developers will need to:

  • establish what skills employers need to help their business to remain competitive (note that SSCs and other UKCES commissioned bodies carry out this research on behalf of a wide range of employers)
  • find out if a framework already exists which might meet the needs of employers or one which can be adapted to fill the gap
  • identify qualifications which can be used to build the framework
  • complete a framework template using this website
  • seek involvement and contributions from other employers and learning providers who will advise on whether the framework can be delivered.

Once the framework has been developed by the appropriate range of people and is of high quality which meets the SASE/SASW, it can be issued and put forward for public funding. Only Issuing Authorities appointed by the Secretary of State can issue an Apprenticeship framework.

The Issuing Authority will notify the framework developer within 10 working days if the framework does not comply with SASE/W and will not be issued.

Click here for a definition of Issuing Authority or go to the main website of the Alliance of Sector Skills Councils.

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