Before you propose

Before you propose a framework, you will need to think about why it is needed and how to take your idea forward.

Use this checklist to help you to consider:

  • why the framework is needed
  • if a new framework is required or if an exisiting one could be adapted to meet your needs
  • the statutory requirements in England and Wales
  • the process used to develop a framework
  • whether you need help from a framework expert.

Check the statutory requirements

Download the SASE and guidance for England and the SASW and guidance for Wales.

Steps to consider before you Propose a Framework: 6 Step Flowchart

1: Framework Demand

Is there evidence of demand from employers for an Apprenticeship framework that will be used to address a skills gap or shortage in the sector? Framework experts can help you because they carry out research to identify future qualification needs of employers.


Go the Glossary of Terms for a definition of skills gaps and shortages and other terms.

2: Existing Frameworks

Does one exist which either fully or partially meets your skills need?


Check our Framework Library to search by sector and level

3: Frameworks Outcome

Do the outcomes of your proposed framework contain the same/similar qualifications as an existing framework?

4: Statutory Requirements

Have you checked that your new framework will meet the statutory requirements of the SASE and SASW?


Download the SASE and guidance for England and the SASW and guidance for Wales.

5: Process

Check out the framework development process so that you can decide if you need support you might need from framework expert


Check the Framework Development Process for a process overview.

6: Contact

Contact a framework expert to explore your needs before proposing a framework so that you can express an interest.


Get in touch with us by sending an online form.